Character Education Bundle: PowerPoint, Activities, Discussion Cards

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This Character Education Compassion unit is a crucial element for strengthening the core curriculum and ensuring our students are taught how to be compassionate towards others and motivated to actually take action in order to help those in need.

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This super bundle of Character Education activities for students is a crucial element for strengthening the core curriculum and ensuring our students are building strong character in order to help them succeed in school and for the rest of their lives – talk about having an impact!?

If you’re looking to develop a responsive classroom by incorporating SEL social and emotional learning then this set is ideal for you.

This 20% off bundle includes all 10 character units:
β€’Β self-esteem
β€’Β resilience
β€’Β self-respect
β€’ empathy
β€’ courage
β€’ honesty
β€’ compassion
β€’ respect
β€’ tolerance
β€’ leadership

Sadly, teaching teens about character is often put to the bottom of the pile, yet did you know that it is the foundation for all success? If you want your students to do well in your class, have you considered teaching them positive ways to think and act, now while they are young? It will make them more confident and resilient and ensure they have the self-belief that they can succeed.

Product includes:
β€’ 160+ slides of PowerPoints – all are fully structured so no prior experience is required to deliver them. The text is also editable for you to modify as needed.
β€’ 90+ pages of Printables to go with each unit – graphic organizers go perfectly with the PowerPoints if you want your students to record their thoughts as you discuss. There are also fun bonus homework activities included for each unit! They are in a PowerPoint format so they can easily be converted to Google Slides for paperless activities if preferred.
β€’ Over 240 unique discussion cards to develop speaking and listening skills in class.

Your students will learn the following in each characteristic area:
β€’ how to define the character trait
β€’ how to analyse their own and others’ character
β€’ where they might need to demonstrate said characteristic
β€’ signs of positive character trait
β€’ signs of negative character trait
β€’ what can affect change in character
β€’ self-awareness of their own character
β€’ actionable steps to build character

*This set includes 10 characteristics in a super saver bundle: save 20%*

In order to ensure these important skills can be integrated into our busy timetables, these resources have been designed to make it as easy to deliver as possible! Each unit includes a structured PowerPoint that guides the class through discussions about each of the 5 characteristics and effective skills on how to strengthen them. No prior knowledge or experience from you is required! On top of this, the PowerPoint text is editable so you can modify the content to suit your students’ needs, should you wish.

Also included are bonus graphic organizers which are supplementary to the PowerPoints: they work as helpful tools for students to record their thoughts in an aesthetically pleasing way that can then be used for bulletin board displays etc. You will also find a set of discussion task cards in each unit to spark conversation and thoughts on each characteristic: these can be printed off for each group of students, or they can be used in whole class discussion – it is up to you.

So help build your students’ character and encourage them to be all that you know they can be!

Great for Character Education, Social Skills, Health Class, Life skills and PSHE (Physical, Social, Health, Education) lessons.

Age Group

πŸ—‚οΈ Middle School, πŸ—‚οΈ High School

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πŸ—„οΈ Task Cards, πŸ—„οΈ Printables, πŸ—„οΈ PowerPoint

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