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Stress Management Scenarios and Posters for Social Emotional Learning


Help your students manage their stress and coach them how to deal with various scenarios with these 12 relatable scenarios. Empower your students to develop healthy coping mechanisms, adaptability, and a positive mindset, which are invaluable tools for their personal and academic growth and for managing stress throughout their lives.

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Teaching students to manage stress is crucial because it equips them with essential tools to navigate the challenges of academic and personal life. These skills empower students to recognize, cope with, and reduce stress effectively. By learning to manage stress, students can enhance their mental and emotional well-being, improve academic performance, and develop resilience for a lifetime of challenges.

Resource includes:
• 2 Stress Management posters
• 12 relatable scenario cards
• Printable scenarios with questions

This resource has been designed to make it as easy to deliver as possible! You will get 12 realistic scenarios where students are encouraged to use the skill of stress management.

The scenarios come in 2 formats: printable sheets with compelling questions which encourage students to reflect on how they could respond to each scenario by managing their stress. They also come in card task form for class discussion. You could use the printables as an individual task or hand them to students to answer after they have taken part in a group discussion, it is up to you!

There are also 2 high quality Stress Management posters giving advice on ways students can manage their stress. These can be printed and laminated to put up on walls or used as a teaching resource.

By teaching your students about stress management, you will be helping them to build a strong foundation for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, contributing to their long-term success and happiness. I hope you enjoy using this resource in your classroom!

Great for Social Emotional Learning Skills, Life Skills and PSHCE (Physical, Social, Health, Citizenship Education) lessons.

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