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Free Stress Management Planning Sheets


Help your teens manage stress with these printable activities.

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Help your teens create a plan to manage stress.

Most students are under so much pressure from excessive testing, that it is crucial now more than ever, to teach them effective management techniques to equip them with the skills they require in order to handle stress in a healthy way.

The full Stress Management Resource will encourage your students to explore all about modern stressors and how to handle stress effectively. Your students will learn all about what stress is: why we need it, how we respond to it in the modern world, causes and effects, what they can control and what they can’t, and actions to help relieve stress. Students will get to role-play and analyze different teen appropriate stressful scenarios. Your students will also be taught 3 different breathing exercises to control the physical signs of stress that are very powerful in stressful situations (this one is great for adults too!)

P.S. all the tips in this resource are entirely applicable for adults too if ever you need a little boost during stressful times 😉

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