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Gratitude Coloring Compliment Notes | Whole School Gratitude / Kindness Project, Empathy


These gratitude coloring compliment notes are ideal for lifting the spirits in your classroom and spreading kindness, especially during Teacher Appreciation week or Thanksgiving!

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These gratitude coloring compliment notes are ideal for lifting the spirits in your classroom and spreading gratitude and kindness, perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week and Thanksgiving in particular!

Here are some suggestions of ways you can use these notes:

1) They can be used like reward coupons to offer students for good behavior. They can then enjoy coloring the notes in and keeping them as confidence boosters.

2) They can be stored in a “compliment container” and students can take it in turns each day to pick some notes at random each morning. They can read it aloud to the class and select a student who they think would benefit from that note best at the end of the day.

3) They can be scattered and placed in students’ desks, on their lockers, inside library books and hidden in any other remote places that students might find them, thereby offering them some encouraging words of gratitude / kindness which they can color and keep.

4) You can keep a bowl of these in your staff workroom to encourage kindness and gratitude among staff.

5) Cut and pin a range of these notes on a bulletin board for students to take for themselves or share with another student. The idea is that they can end up all over the school lifting spirits of students and staff.

6) Hand out notes to students to color and write personal notes to others on the back of them. They can be handed out or pinned to a public bulletin board.

7) Set up a Kindness / Gratitude Club and send your members on a mission to color in these notes then spread compliments and joy to others around school. I’m sure you can think of even more ideas for them!

There are 20 different coloring notes to choose from and they come in 2 different sizes. You can print a range of different notes or specific ones at a time.

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So enjoy some relaxing down time whilst spreading kindness and compliments to the entire school body!

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