Folded Notes Home to Parents Rewards for Big kids


A pack of printable notes that can be folded neatly into envelopes, ideal for sending notes home to parents / guardians. They make a great behaviour management rewards system!

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Students and parents / guardians just adore getting notes from us. Notes home are a fantastic tool for positive behaviour management as well as building a strong rapport with your student and their family.

I’ve been using post cards for years to send notes home, however they were getting costly due to the quality of the card and stamps, which made me think of designing something completely new: a folded note that looks like an envelope.

This has been working amazingly for me. It’s extremely cost effective as 2 notes are printed on one page and they are so easy to cut out with a paper trimmer or scissors and are folded up in seconds! I choose to seal them with a cute sticker as well 🙂 You could even ask your students to cut out their own notes and colour them in as this set contains gorgeous and unique doodle designs! Parents especially love that as it has a personal touch to it for them! But they do look equally as beautiful left black and white. (P.S. this set also has a FREE selection of colourful designs in there too if you like to print in colour.)

My students have really been loving these and I have had such positive comments from parents too about how creative and personal these are to receive. I can’t wait to share them with you and I believe that you, your students and their parents are really going to love them!


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