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Stress Relief Colouring Affirmation Cards: Don’t Stress The Test


Affirmation cards for teachers and teens – colour in, reflect and really believe with these 10 colouring affirmation cards.

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Stress relief and stress management affirmation cards for teachers and teens – colour in, reflect and really believe with these 10 colouring affirmation cards.

Stress is something that affects so many of our students (and adults!) and it is seemingly getting worse. Exams, testing and life pressure is continuing to mount and as teachers, we want to help our young people deal with this effectively, but don’t always know how.

What some teachers have tried to do is introduce positive affirmations that students are to repeat over and over again. The idea is nice, but does it really work? Does saying something make it true? Well, at best we might get a temporary high or feel motivated for a short time, but in the long term it’s less likely to have lasting effects and that’s because we are actually missing a very important step.

Now picture yourself being the teacher who is able to help their student really believe these affirmations. Your students are able to believe it because you’re helping them see the truth in these statements for themselves. With this pack of 10 affirmation cards, you can be that teacher. You will be giving your students some quiet reflection time where they can colour in positive affirmations, but they will also be reflecting on some very significant and tailored questions that will help them prove that the affirmation they are stating is the truth. In time, you will see their stress relief and stress management skills begin to flourish and success will be inevitable thanks to your guidance.

There are 10 different cards to choose from in this set. Each quote comes in both postcard and business card size, ideal for keeping in wallets, lockers and pin boards etc. These are designed to be coloured in and then folded in half and glued together to keep forever – you could even have them laminated for maximum longevity.

Quotes include:

  • I can overcome anything I put my mind to
  • My body is at ease
  • I am in control of my stress
  • My mind is calm
  • I am taking each moment as it comes
  • Nothing in my past can stop me from succeeding now
  • I choose to react positively to this situation
  • I am safe and in no danger from the world around me
  • This situation is neither good nor bad, it just is
  • I am worry free
    …as well as 30 unique questions to help reinforce these statements!

​The great thing about these being colouring affirmations is, one, it saves on ink and money (hooray!), two it allows time for mindfulness where your students can sit and relax for a few minutes reflecting on the statement and questions, and three it personalizes each card to help your students connect with it more – seeing their doodles reminds them of how they were feeling when they were colouring it in and answering the questions in their mind.

By spending time colouring these in, you will give your students time to be creative and then associate that feeling when they look at the cards again in the future. It’s all mind games and using the power of our brains to achieve our potential. These would even be effective on us as teachers too, so give them a try and give you and your students the opportunity to just focus, motivate and enjoy yourselves today – you deserve it!


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