Technology Rules Posters: Classroom Decor for Computer Lab


12 colourful Technology Posters and expectations for teens.

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12 colourful Technology Posters and expectations for teens.

So, you either are or are looking to go digital in your classroom but are anxious about your students potentially misusing or being irresponsible with the technology? That is a valid concern! There are a world of distractions online, plus technology is expensive and it is paramount our students treat resources available to them with respect.

These posters contain 12 top technology rules to help create a responsible and safe environment. You can display them in your classroom / computer lab / device station as well as use them to prompt class discussions about these rules and why they are so important, after all rules are more likely to be followed if students understand why they are there in the first place.

They have a colourful watercolour theme and have been designed in a way that makes them suitable for all age groups and environments. I hope you enjoy using these in your classroom!


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