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Metaverse Discussion Virtual World (PowerPoint, Printables & Discussion Cards)


A Life Skills Education unit on the new virtual world by Facebook (Meta), called the Metaverse, and the effects this will undoubtedly have on humanity.

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A Life Skills Education unit on the new virtual world by Facebook (Meta), called the Metaverse, and the effects this will undoubtedly have on humanity.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and Mark Zuckerberg is taking us into a new generation whereby he hopes we will be moving from just looking at our screens, to instead being immersed within technology and actually living in a virtual world. Work, entertainment, socializing, exercising, studying – you name it, it will be soon be taking place in the new virtual world being built – the Metaverse.

This is a vital conversation to have with our young people, as it will affect their lives. This Metaverse is coming and will undoubtedly have an effect on the current and future generations. It’s important that young people are aware of the moral, social, physical and emotional consequences of this new way of living, so they can be prepared and make informed decisions about their future and that of the world.

This unit will help you tackle this topic with ease as it explains the features of the Metaverse as well as offering numerous conversation starters to get to the crux of the matter.

This resource has been designed to make it as easy to deliver as possible. It includes a structured PowerPoint that guides your class through discussions about the Metaverse based on the Keynote video from Mark Zuckerberg, and addresses important effects this technology might have on humanity.

No prior knowledge or experience from you is required. On top of this, the PowerPoint text is editable so you can modify the content to suit your students’ needs, should you wish.

Also included are bonus graphic organizers which are supplementary to the PowerPoint: they’re not a requirement, but they work as a helpful tool for students to record their thoughts in an aesthetically pleasing way that can then be used for bulletin board displays etc. You will also find a set of discussion task cards to spark conversation and thoughts on technology and the Metaverse: these can be printed off for each group of students, or they can be used in whole class discussion – it is up to you.

Product includes:
• 26 slides PowerPoint
• 4 printables of graphic organizers
• 4 possible scenarios to analyze
• 24 discussion cards

Students will learn:
• What the new Metaverse by Facebook (now Meta) is
• Break down the elements of the Keynote video on the Metaverse
• To analyse the different features of the new virtual world
• To discuss the impact of what it would be like living in a virtual world
• To reflect on how technology can impact humanity, for better or for worse
• …and more!

By teaching your students about the Metaverse and discussing how this new technology will affect their futures, you will be empowering your students to think critically about technology advancements and their effects on humanity.

Great for Social Skills, Life skills and PSHE (Physical, Social, Health Education) lessons.

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