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Character Education Morning Meeting Digital Whiteboard BUNDLE, ideal for social and emotional learning.

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Character Education Morning Meeting Digital Whiteboard BUNDLE, ideal for social and emotional learning.

This bundle includes morning meeting day starters on: resilience, courage, self-confidence, self-respect, tolerance, leadership, respect, empathy, honesty and compassion.

Iā€™m so glad you are looking to teach Character Education! Character development and socio-emotional skills are the critical foundation needed for our students to succeed in school and in life. This Morning Meeting bundle is a powerful and easy way to help strengthen your core curriculum for a responsive classroom. It ensures your students get the opportunity to learn how to develop their character by repetition and deep discussion. They are ideal to use for home room, advisory periods or as bell ringers for the start of your lesson.

In order to ensure Character Education can be integrated into your busy timetable, this resource has been designed to make it as easy to deliver as possible! This resource contains both a structured PowerPoint with 200 powerful quotes and 600 thought provoking writing / discussion prompts. No prior knowledge or experience from you is required to teach it.

Product includes:
ā€¢ 200 slides of PowerPoints
ā€¢ 600 thought provoking writing / discussion prompts that go far beyond “what do you think this quote means” and instead encourage deep personal reflection on their own lives and the world.
ā€¢ 200 powerfully themed quotes based solely on Character. That’s enough for every working day of the entire year, allowing you to do different Character themed months all year long.

So help build your students’ character in 5 minutes every day, and encourage them to be all that you know they can be!

Great for Character Education, Social Skills, Life skills and PSHCE (Physical, Social, Health, Citizenship Education) lessons.

Age Group

šŸ—‚ļø Middle School, šŸ—‚ļø High School

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šŸ—„ļø PowerPoint

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