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Back to School : All About Me, Icebreakers, Profiles


All you need to get you started going back to school! This bundle includes “getting to know you activities”, “get to know me social media profiles” and “back to school printables” ideal for big kids!

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All you need to get you started going back to school! This bundle includes “getting to know you activities”, “get to know me social media profiles” and “back to school printables” ideal for big kids!

Getting to Know You Icebreakers
This resource pack contains everything you need to help break the ice with your students. This would be ideal for any new class whether they are just new to you or even new to each other! Although it is great for the start of the academic year, many of us deal with casual admissions and students who join late in the year. These resources will be great for helping you get to know them better and for them to integrate into the group.

You will find physical activities to get them up and about, moving and talking to one another and finding things in common, helping the group to improve their social skills in talking, bonding and making new friends.

Product includes:
• Teachers Notes
• Physical Activities to do in the classroom
• All About Me
• First Day Jitters
• Get To Know Others
• Find Someone Who
• My Mood Board
• If I Won The Lottery
• Reading Journal
• My Targets

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Back to School Activities
Beginning of the year / back to school time is a great opportunity to encourage students to begin the new school year on the right foot. If you want some fun and quality back to school activities to use with your teenagers and young students that they will enjoy and relate to, then this is the resource for you! It comes with attractive, enjoyable and creative activities that will last for weeks at the beginning of the year at school!

This resource will encourage students to reflect over their summer in a fun and engaging way and get them look ahead to the beginning of the year and set goals and plan their time effectively. The activities also come with quality teenage appropriate graphics which your students will love!

Product includes:
• My Super Summer
• My Best Summer Day
• What I’m looking forward to
• What I’m nervous about
• Planning Study Time
• Set Some Goals
• My Strengths / Weaknesses
• Clubs and Leisure Time
• Books on my hit list
• Make a Memory
• Acrostic Poetry
• Classmates’ Facts
• Target Grades
• My Legacy
• Equipment Check
• Crystal Ball

These can be used for a variety of age groups and abilities and requires no preparation from you at all! Instructions are on each worksheet and students can be as thorough as they like depending on their ability.

Simply pick and choose some or all of the activities for your classes, or even set some for homework if you like!

These are not only fun activities to do at the beginning of the year, but they make wonderful keepsakes for students to look back on when they are older – these could even be used with the same group of students each year to see how they have developed over time!

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All About Me Social Media Profile Templates
The use of social media is very much a part of students’ lives in this day and age. Use this to your advantage in your lessons at the beginning of the year by encouraging them to tell you and their peers all about themselves using a format they love and are familiar with: social media!

In this pack you will find ‘about me’ templates for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! You can give all 3 for your students to complete as they each cover different elements, or you can pick and choose which they complete: the choice is yours, or theirs.

You can use these to learn more about your students at the beginning of the year. It is also helpful for other students to read these and learn more about each other and find common interests too.

After each template you will find a guide sheet with a few helpful hints on how to complete them – use this for your own instructions or show the students, it’s up to you.

So get yourself fully prepared with activities to settle your students in at the beginning of the year!


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